Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Our air cooled heat exchangers are suitable for using in petroleum refinery, oil and gas production and process industries as Process Coolers, Compressor Inter / After Cooler, Steam Condensers.

Our air coolers are included features on demand:

  • Manual/auto variable louvers for controlling outlet temperature
  • Auto variable pitch fan for temperature control and effective power consummation
  • Steam coil to avoid freezing
  • Variable speed drive system for temperature control This equipment is designed and manufactured in multiple configurations including a forced draft or induced draft.

Forced Draft ACHE
The most economical and most common style air cooler, the forced draft ACHE, uses axial fans to force air across the fin tube bundle. The fans are positioned below the bundle thus not exposing the mechanical sections to the hot exhaust airflow. The forced draft air cooler also simplifies future plant expansion by providing direct access to bundle for replacement. Structural disassembly is not required.

Induced Draft ACHE
The second most economical and most common style air cooler is the induced draft ACHE. This design uses axial fans to pull air across the fin tube bundle. The fans are positioned above the bundle thus offering greater control of the process fluid and bundle protection due to the additional structure. Lower noise levels at grade are another benefit. The induced draft air cooler does require some structural disassembly if bundle replacement is required. Mechanical designs can conform to international standards and codes including:

  • ASME Section VIII, Division 1
  • API 661/ISO 13706
  • TEMA, when applicable