Tower and Column

Columns and Towers are widely used in the chemical process industries where large quantities of liquids have to be distilled. Such industries are the petroleum processing, petrochemical production, natural gas processing, coal tar processing, brewing, liquefied air separation, and hydrocarbon solvents production and similar industries but it finds its widest application in petroleum refineries.

Tray columns are chemical equipment used to carry out unit operations where it is necessary to transfer mass between a liquid phase and a gas phase. In other words, it is a particular gas-liquid contactor. The peculiarity of this gas-liquid contactor is that the gas comes in contact with liquid through different stages.

FSK has a good experience and also proper facilities for manufacturing various types of columns and Towers. All fabricated body segments will been aligned, assembled and welded at highest accuracy to obtain lowest deviation in dimension tolerances. Depending on length of the equipment, Towers and columns may be fabricated in two or more segments and assembled at the customer’s site for ease of transportation and avoid any damage during this process.