Transfer Line Exchangers

Transfer Line Exchangers are used in olefin plants in order to produce ethylene or other olefin products. Through such equipment, thermal cracking of high temperature gaseous feeds takes place by rapid cooling or quenching process.

TLEs are thermally loaded and therefore require special design concepts to meet process needs and requirements for long service life and reliability. FSK fabricates various types of such exchangers in this category. The reliability and flexibility of our TLE products in steam cracking furnaces, have played an important role in increasing run length period of the furnace, therefore minimizing shutdown & maintenance costs.

The thin-walled and flexible oval header/double tube design assures the safe and long-term operation of these units which are subjected to intense heat flux, high temperatures and the erosive effect of coke particles flowing from the furnaces.FSK TLEs are already installed in most Iranian cracking plants and have successfully met the demanding processing requirements imposed by furnace designs.