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 Heavy-Duty Equipment
 Sulphur Condenser
 Titanium Equipment

Heavy-Duty Equipment

We are expert in the fabrication of heavy walled pressure vessels, with specialist capability in shell & tube heat-exchangers. We have adopted a high-tech approach and invested in the best equipment available to ensure consistent, high quality and cost efficient outputs, and established a dedicated workshop with highly trained staff to specialize in heavy-duty heat exchanger work.

Sulphur Condenser

Sulphur Condenser is a special type heat exchanger with a steam drum mounted on top. This equipment is generally categorized as unfired boilers which force hot exhaust gases through tubes immersed in water; the most economical way of producing steam from waste heat!

Titanium Equipment

Titanium is well established for use in some of the most severe environments like sea water. Titanium’s virtual immunity to sea water medium provides the service reliability, long-term life-cycle, and reduction of maintenance costs. It offers unmatched corrosion resistance combined with high mechanical properties that makes it ideal for marine applications.


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